Youth Volunteer Award 2017

Youth Volunteer Award Criteria



This award will honour and recognize a Hurunui Youth who has demonstrated significant commitment and dedication towards volunteering over the last year. The nominee can be any youth (up to 25 years) who resides in the Hurunui District. Closing date is the 9th of June 2017 (09/06/2017)


All youth who live in the Hurunui District are eligible for this award. Youth Councillors are not eligible to use their Youth Council membership as volunteering experience for this award.


Nominees for this award will have demonstrated the following examples of positive volunteering

  • Worked voluntarily towards the betterment of the Hurunui community and/or New Zealand
  • Dedicated personal time and effort to working as a volunteer
  • Been an active volunteer over the last year
  • Are passionate about making a difference
  • Contributed to sustainable lasting solutions


A nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Hurunui Youth Council (via the nomination form below) before the 9th of June (09/06/2017).

  • A committee of Youth Council members will determine the award recipient(s).
  • The Chairperson will notify the recipient(s) of their selection.
  • Awards will be presented at the annual community services awards hosted by the Hurunui District Council
Youth Volunteer Awards nomination 2017
(name of the person you are nominating)
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(Please tell us the reasons why you believe your nominee should receive a Community Service Award (in about 250 ‐ 1000 words). You can provide additional material in support of your nomination if you wish. You can use this section to list their achievements)
I agree to the Hurunui District Council recording the personal contact details provided in this nomination, retaining and using these details and disclosing them to Councillors and the relevant Ward or Community Committee, or Community Board for the purposes of selecting recipients for the Community Service Awards. I understand that my nominee’s name and brief details about their service may be released to the media or appear in publicity material. I acknowledge the Council has the right to have access to this information. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.