Terms and Conditions of HYP events

Terms and Conditions of HYP events

1.  I agree to the young person being supervised and looked after and under the authority of the HYP co-ordinator while on HYP events. In the event of an accident where I cannot be contacted I agree to the co-ordinator or medical authority designated by the HYP coordinator administering any medical aid deemed necessary.

2. I acknowledge the need for my young person to behave responsibly and to follow any instructions given by HYP to ensure everyone’s safety. I agree that if they are involved in a serious disciplinary problem they will be sent home at my expense.

3. I agree to contact the HYP Coordinator with information regarding any change in health condition immediately before the camp.

4. I give permission for my young person to travel in the HYP vehicle or organised transport (community bus, private car, public transport)

5. I give permission for any photo’s of my young person taken at the camp to be used by the HYP Coordinator for programme purposes

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