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The Hurunui Youth Programme offers recreational activities and development programmes for youth in Years 7-13 in the Hurunui District.

Our mission statement is to ‘Create positive activities and opportunities for our young people to learn, succeed, and reach their potential.’ The Programme was founded in 2008 and has run over 200 events since then, such as pool parties, skate jams, socials, sporting competitions, and ski trips. Development programmes run include a leadership camp, Youth Forum, Defensive driving courses, and the opportunity to sit on the Hurunui Youth Council. The HYP has over 210 registered members, with events regularly involving over a hundred youth.


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Tubing at the Senior Leadership Camp


The Hurunui District is a rural area with pockets of small towns and few opportunities available for young people outside the education system. Recognising this void, the Hurunui Youth Programme was formed to give youth more opportunities to participate in leisure and cultural activities. A Youth Programme Co-ordinator (Jess Kerr) works alongside the Hurunui Youth Council, youth leaders, and youth action groups set up at the three area schools (and Amberley Primary School) in the district, to organise and co-ordinate activities beneficial to youth. This consultation allows the programme to offer flexible activities that the youth want.

For more information on the Hurunui Youth Council, head to http://hurunuiyouth.co.nz/youth-council/.



  1. Reply
    Jen banks September 20, 2017

    Hi is the mall trip for hawarden people too. If it is can I book two in Maggie and Ella Ferguson 0272144503

    • Reply
      hurunuiyouth September 25, 2017

      Yes it for anyone who wishes to go and can make it to the allocated bus stops. please fill the online form out

  2. Reply
    Natasha Hoban September 25, 2017

    1 year 7 for the mall trip please.

    • Reply
      hurunuiyouth September 25, 2017

      hey Natasha there is a online form under events for the mall trip please fill this out

  3. Reply
    hurunuiyouth September 25, 2017

    hey Natasha there is a online form under events for the mall trip please fill this out

  4. Reply
    Rowena October 20, 2017

    Hi how does my son join this group please?

    • Reply
      hurunuiyouth October 31, 2017

      Hi Rowena
      We currently have applications open for the youth council and youth programme. these applications are found on our website. Both committees offer something different so depending on your sons age and what he would be interested in, will depend on what suits him best. On our website it does say applications are closed as of today but will be accepting late ones

  5. Reply
    Jennie Ward November 1, 2017

    Hi there can you please help my daughter danielle is interested applying for the youth leadership programe tried do last night as was last day couldn’t work out please help and maybe make aloance for a mother who is useless with this sort of thing

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